zondag 4 april 2010

So, I'm starting a blog!

I've decided to start a blog to write about my etsy shop: daphire.etsy.com , my crafting business and random stuff going on in my life.

So, something about me first:
I'm Daphne and I live in the Netherlands, but have also lived in England for 2 years. I love animals and own a pony, dog, cat and some fish. I also love being creative, that's why I opened an Etsy shop. I recently got back into making things from origami and started making things from polymer clay. I sell these items in my Etsy shop.

Another reason to start this blog is to keep up on my English, I hope to graduate this year and start to study English after the summer.

Here some photos of the products I make:

Have a happy Easter!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. love your origami earrings!! Congratulations on your new blog! I hope you have as much fun as I do with it! ;D


  2. I opened up a thread on Etsy's forum to help get you followers!