maandag 5 april 2010

My Easter

This is what I did during the Easter Holidays:

On Sunday we had a freestyle to music competition at my stables, you make your own dressage test, pick music you like and dress up to match the music you picked.

I watched the new movie 'Alice in Wonderland' 3 weeks ago and found it amazing, so I decided to use it as my theme.

You can watch a video of it here:

Then today we went on a walk with the dog, the sun didn't come out but it was a nice walk anyway.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. looks like your dog sure had fun ! :D
    It's always nice to go for a walk!


  2. Very nice dressage routine. I used to do hunter/jumper shows and envied the dressage riders because they got to do such amazing "dances."

  3. I love Bulldogs...they are awesome (and sometimes lazy, like me) ^_^
    Looks like this one is enjoy every moment of his walk

  4. Yes, he had a lot of fun and slept the rest of the day, and will probably sleep all day today too.

  5. my sister rides, I passed your video on to her. It's a little too subtle for my gross understanding, but I like to watch this stuff with her, she tells me what's going on. Love the bulldog.