donderdag 29 april 2010

New Designs

My new designs are made from lucky stars! I'll be listing studs with rhinestones and dangle earrings with tiny lucky stars attached. There will be lots of different colors to choose from!

Another new design, from the sneak peak yesterday, are my Worldwide Cranes! These are recycled and folded from miniature maps and they are one-of-a-kind! These below are folded out of Indonesia. There will be 22 pairs in total and they will be from all around the world! So you can have your own country or your favorite vacation destination[perhaps the bahamas?] hanging from your ears.

These are folded out of the United Kingdom and Iceland, I will start listing these earrings and the lucky star earrings this weekend.

woensdag 28 april 2010

Recycled Goods

No Wordless Wednesday today as I have nothing 'wordless' to mention. I do have something else to mention, a pair of my upcycled earrings are featured on eocrafter's facebook fan page:

These aren't the only pair of recycled earrings, I've listed 2 other pairs in my etsy shop [ ]. They are made out of paper from a fashion magazine, these are the smallest size of cranes that I offer:

Also, I've been working on some new items, which are also recycled/upcycled items, here's a little sneak peek. I will tell a little more about them tomorrow along with other new items!

zondag 25 april 2010

Weekend Roundup

I've had a very horsy weekend, I had a dressage competition today which means I rode, groomed, washed and braided my pony yesterday. Today was my 3rd official dressage competition. You need 10 promotion points[180 points = 1/195 = 2,] to be allowed to the next level, I gained 4 in the last 2 competitions. One for each test [you ride 2 tests each competition]. I have a pony but because I'm over 18 years of age I have to ride against the horses.
I had 2 good rides today, but my points really surprised me: 198 & 195, so 4 promotion points!
We were also placed first for both tests!

I'm so proud of my little pony!

This pictured is owned by me, please do not use it!

Also, I wanted to mention that I`ll be hosting a giveaway once I reach 50 followers for this blog!

vrijdag 23 april 2010

Feature Friday

This week I want to show you another amazing blog:

It gives you a chance to see the workspaces and studios where people create, I love going through the blog, read about their creations and see the photos of their workspaces/studios.

Another thing I really like is that the workspaces on the blog are showing every possible craft, it's also very handy to find great ideas to organise your supplies!

I think I'll go and tidy up my workspace, it's such a mess. Maybe I'll show you mine in the next week or so.

Have a nice day!

woensdag 21 april 2010

zondag 18 april 2010

Weekend Roundup

I've had a very nice weekend, the weather was nice [not so much wind this time] and I didn't have to come out of bed early.

I did have to babysit Saturday evening; something I've never done before. My sister does that, I don't. But she was away for the day and they couldn't find anyone else, so they asked me. I survived! It al went without any problems and the children were very sweet.

I'm going to show you guys a little sneak peak of what I'll be listing in the next days:

Caketoppers origami style!

Polymer Clay Rose stud earrings!

donderdag 15 april 2010

Feature Friday

I want to introduce you to a very fun and yummy blog: .
Don't click the link if your hungry though!

There are all sorts of sweet baking ideas and photos to make you drool!

woensdag 14 april 2010

Wordless Wednesday

This place is no.1 on my 'I-really-want-to-go-here' list: The Maldives!

maandag 12 april 2010

Weekend Roundup

I've had a very busy weekend, Saturday was a sporty day. I went running with my mum, watched the Grand National and had a jump lesson on my horse.

On Sunday we went to the Spring Fair nearby, it would have been very nice if it hadn't been so windy! It's something we have around here, but it has been blowing so hard for the last weekend. I couldn't even really enjoy the sun without being blown away.
I made some photo's on Sunday, they are not the best quality because they're made with my phone.
There was a flying carpet:

We took Rocky along aswell, looks like he's a bit tired.

I also wanted to mention that a pair of my crane earrings is in a giveaway on this blog:

vrijdag 9 april 2010

Sometimes I come up with stuff..

I've been thinking about giving my blog some structure, and I have come up with some things:

Feature Friday: on every friday I will feature one of my favorite items/shops/blogs/sites ect that I found while browsing online. [Feel free to convo me if you want one of your items/shop or blog to be featured]

Weekend Roundup: On Sunday evening or on Monday tell about my weekend.

[Almost] Wordless Wednesday: Most of you will know these, no text but a lot of photo's!

And any random things that may occur during the week.

Have a nice weekend!


donderdag 8 april 2010

New Listings!

I've been busy with school this week; I've got a economics test tonight. So I've been studying, not my favorite thing to do but it's neccesary.

maandag 5 april 2010

My Easter

This is what I did during the Easter Holidays:

On Sunday we had a freestyle to music competition at my stables, you make your own dressage test, pick music you like and dress up to match the music you picked.

I watched the new movie 'Alice in Wonderland' 3 weeks ago and found it amazing, so I decided to use it as my theme.

You can watch a video of it here:

Then today we went on a walk with the dog, the sun didn't come out but it was a nice walk anyway.

zondag 4 april 2010

So, I'm starting a blog!

I've decided to start a blog to write about my etsy shop: , my crafting business and random stuff going on in my life.

So, something about me first:
I'm Daphne and I live in the Netherlands, but have also lived in England for 2 years. I love animals and own a pony, dog, cat and some fish. I also love being creative, that's why I opened an Etsy shop. I recently got back into making things from origami and started making things from polymer clay. I sell these items in my Etsy shop.

Another reason to start this blog is to keep up on my English, I hope to graduate this year and start to study English after the summer.

Here some photos of the products I make:

Have a happy Easter!