zaterdag 10 juli 2010

Orange Craze

Well, it's not just sunny anymore, it's extremely hot outside [and inside]! So I haven't been up to much except trying to stay cool and do as less as is possible. That means I haven't been very crafty in the last weeks, my room is in the attic. I only stay there during the night when it is cool and at 9 am I move downstairs because the sun heats up my bedroom in no time. I did get to see the World Cup and my national team are in the finals!! So I'm very excited about tomorrow and have no doubt that the Netherlands will turn orange for the day. Just to get into the 'orange' mood I thought I'd show you some of my orange items that are for sale in my shop .

And if we win tomorrow I will do a feature of orange items from other Etsy shops!

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