woensdag 12 mei 2010

Nikita and I: 3 Years!

Today it's been 3 years ago that I bought my haflinger: Nikita. I was always told to buy a horse when I was older and living on my own. But I couldn't wait that long, so I saved al my money for years untill I had enough. so on 12-5-2007 she was finally mine and mine alone. In these 3 years we have had hard times but also a lot of fun. She has really changed in these 3 years, positive change. And I really hope that there are many more great years to come!


The very first time I met her and tried her out.

Today 3 years ago, finally a horse of my own!


Her mane has grown so much and is still growing.


Doesn't look like the horse in the first picture at all!

Might have some new riding photo's tomorrow :)

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  1. good for you! You and Nikita look good together, best of luck!